Where Are You Now?

Just a thought!

When spring is here, I need to share a moment in your eyes,

When a tearful thought comes through, I need a shoulder for my cries

When times are sad and it's really bad, there's a thought I realize...

Where are you now?

I don't believe God put us here to face it all alone.

I want much more than solitude, just to make it on my own.

Loneliness gets harder, with the Love that I have known...

Where are you now?

If I'm lonely and it's late at night and a knock comes on the door,

Should I curb a moment's pleasure that could shake me to my core?

If a little chance of happiness could be mine forever more...

Where are you now?

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"Where Are You Now?"

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miss.meek's picture

I'm right here... loved

I'm right hereTongue Out... loved reading that

J meek