Chandelier Dance

Just a thought!


She swings from chandeliers as it plays through her head
Chasing swan like pirouettes to facilitate the dance
She waltzes with Angels floating high above clouds
Reflecting her eyes at a glance

Sifting and turning on a balance beam of light

Emotions spill out as she rotates the air

Majestic sustains keeping time in the dance

As she motions to handle with care


She blooms like a flower as the light hits her frame

Swaying gently to encompass the wind

Suddenly torn free in a Chandelier Dance...

Falling softly to earth in the end.

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Abstract pic inspired by a little girl in Sia's "Chandelier" video...She dances like poetry in motion'

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schmuckjones's picture

A very nice picture

Using just greys browns and greens all light in hue, the sunlight coming thru the window and the the way you painted the back of the room certainly gives the picture more depth.  Dig it. 


Man that video is really something, the expressive art of dance.  Watching that makes me feel like dancing and getting up and moving.  Very cool and good song!