"A River Runs Through It"

Just a thought!

This was a old film directed and narrated by Robert Redford. The film is well worth the view if you can find it. It has a great finish, ending in a poem.   This clip is the ending of the film....."A River Runs Through It"


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Such a good movie

I have not watched in many years although, I remember alot of the synopsis.  It's such powerful and gripping tale.  Thank you for sharing the insightful end, with it's poem and passage of time.  I like your profile pictures too.  Are those paintings of yours?  I like'em. 


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If you ever wanted to  know how to add a video from youtube to your poem page where you can actually see the video.  I had to write remove otherwise it would not show up.  Too much info perhaps.  But I like your style, and way with words.  I'm not usually one to plug myself, but there is one piece imparticular I'd like to show you, cause of your passion for drags and car restoration.  "Drag Monster Pop Art"        http://www.postpoems.org/authors/dickjones/poem/970690   Have a nice day! :)