Beauty is such a misinterpreted trait. So much more than Jamberry fingernails and pages in a vanity magazine, beauty is everywhere around us.  Beauty exists in the crisp breeze of an Autumn afternoon, or in the way you describe a moonlit cornfield.  Or outside of nature.. the way we go through our idiosynchratic lives blissfully, and with purpose, or even moreso the way we analyze ourselves when nobody's looking.


I wholly respect those who can seize the world with spirited eyes, charismatic minds, and engaging wit.  You're the true sources of beauty on this planet, and I respect anyone who can rise above the grubby paws of indifference to cultivate beauty in our society. 


If you have the talent to better the lives of others with the gift of beauty - even if it's only a loved one - then don't neglect to act on your engagements.  Shine as a lighthouse for those cast astray by abominable doubts and doused torches ..and don't hesitate, you may very well benefit those who need it the most.  

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well written, nice images,

well written, nice images, food for thought. Beauty as kindness toward others, noble concept indeed.

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Noble of you to read and

Noble of you to read and comment as well, thanks much :)