Fuck This Broken Heart


When I say fuck this broken heart

I wish it could be in a hopeful way

a way that perseveres, and breeds hope

but this isn't one of those feelings


Robbing myself of all this emotional freedom

Doubting my trust, my logic, my hope

Leaving me to stare at mindless, emotionless contraptions

Vapid women and smart phones

share the same level of soul to me


The world is celebrating anew tonight

and I can't seem to see past my own nose

or embrace the aspirations

or even the concept of a new beginning


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Ive been living with a broken

Ive been living with a broken heart my whole life. And just keep adding to it. I think i am coming into acceptance. Trying to love my own heart to heal. Also, still loving the ones i love, with a sadness about our separation. But the truth is, we are not separate, for they live in my heart.

Sad read... Made me feel.

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Good write Dear Respected Mr Deep Blue

Good write Dear Respected Mr Deep Blue.Looks like the poet does not believe in Mass Hysteria in the matter of welcoming the same old sun :)