when i come home


My father's an honest man
Frustrated but never sits, only stands
Doesn't allow you the silver stand
Does not with force, but a guiding hand..

My mother's a strong force
Has persevered through despair
Always there, always aware
Always fair to her son in ways more than one

My sister's a dedicated lady
Works two jobs to only get by
All of the work she does doesn't pay..
the way through a marriage today

These be all of the people from which I learn
And despite my pitfalls, I stand stern
Not willing to forget what my family..
Has handed me, love is the answer now
And the only place to be..when i come home

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darlene settle's picture

i am very impressed with the things you write,hang in there with life,it may not always be what you're hoping for ,but it's Gods will for you life,trust that and you will be happy overall.the RIGHT thing isn't always what our choices may be,but the more RIGHT choices that we make the more HIS plan can occur