Whats On The Inside

Hurting so deeply

The little cuts

All lined up neatly

You can never see them

You cant heal them with a bandaid

Their Embedded Iniside

They never leave me alone

People pouring salt inside my wounds

stinging the things I've tried to forget

A never ceasing pain

Please God, Give me a mintute to catch my breath

I need to feel numb, Send me a drug to substain

To ease my everything

These words wont show it all

You won't see me hit the floor

You won't see me take the fall

You won't see the tears cascading

You won't hear me screaming

You won't feel what Im feeling

Flesh craving to rip the skin

Mind so Damaged and twisted

Panaicking Madly Within

The Raven my only friend

His balck eyes

Show me, my heaven

So numb, untounched

No time, No rush

No sadness

No hearts crushed

He told me

He wishes me dead

My lovers words

Its all I hear in my head

It cuts new cuts

It cries new tears

No sleep tonight

No eating this week

I've become my worst fear

So Spill more salt

Grind it in

I've commited my sins

and Im fighting to live

I'll bite my lip

I'll keep my head up high

No matter how deeply the cuts scar iniside

I wont let him take my pride

No, Not on the outside

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