I'll Be Waiting

A girl stole my heart one day,

She grabbed it up and ran.

She laughed and looking back at me

Said catch me if you can.

I gave her quite a lead,

It's hard to breathe without a heart.

And once I started running

I knew it wasn't smart.

Every time that I'd get near

She'd dash and dart away.

To her it seemed to be a game,

But I didn't want to play.

Finally I did catch her,

And for a couple days was fine.

But when I wasn't looking

I tripped over her line.

So now she's off running once again,

With my heart firmly in tow.

And I can't breathe and I can't think,

I've taken quite a blow.

So I think I'll just sit right here,

And see if she comes back.

And if she runs forever,

Then a heart I'll always lack.

For now I'll fill the hole she left

With whiskeys and with rums.

And I'll wait here forever,

Even if she never comes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A new one for Jeni.

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