I am always lonely

Yet I am never alone

I have many houses

But I have no home.

Everyone knows me

But no one is my friend

All I am waiting for

Is my end.

Because I am always lonely

Even in a crowded room.

And all of these houses

Feel more like tombs.

And these people say they love me

But I know they all pretend.

So I'll just be here patiently

Waiting for my end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bleh... lol.

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Essence Scott's picture

not bleh at all, on the contrary, quite interesting

LeAnna Burrows's picture

I luv this poem... it's how i feel 24/7... ur a really good poet and have done an amazing job... i have yahoo too, if u ever wanna tlk my names r supermanschick13 and vampire_luver23