I Fell Once

Book 1

I fell in love,

It stuck to me, clung to me like honey.

It drug me in, cloying and sweet,

Delicious and heady in its dangerous embrace.


I fell in love,

So deep, after a time it pushed the air from me.

I struggled then, clawed at it, tried to win.

It sunk me ever deeper, sunk itself into me.


I fell in love,

It brought me to its depths, where light didn't touch.

It drown me there, pulled the bubbles from my lungs.

Filling them instead with itself, warm and heavy.


I fell in love,

And in the dark of it, I gasped, letting it replace my breath.

Felt the pain of it in my heart, like a knife.

Let myself believe that it had ended me.. for a time.


I fell in love,

And surrounded by it, realized I had not passed from it.

Felt it saturate me, as oxygen once had.

Woke to it as it became me.


I rose... in love.

Let it flow from me in whispers and cacophonies

Tides crashing against shores and fires licking at the sky

Embracing and recalling myself


I rose, in love,

Infinite in capacity, unbound by language

Whole in my quintessence, dancing in a sea of energy

Aware of the waiting mirror of myself in every passing face


I rose, in love,

Blind, because the truth does not need to see

Patient, because time is but a lesson to surmount

Kind, because fear has no place in a heart


I rose, in love,

With quiet strength, needing no announcement

Armored by simplicity in the whirlwind of chaos

Weilding an unshakable truth


I rose, in love,

Accepting all that was entailed

Pouring myself upon all that would have me

Recalling myself as I had always been


I rose.. as Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First one in a long time

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