One Life To Live

Feeling as my veins that run through my body. Constant and yet just to be bled from the world it lives in. Where the darkness covers the guilty. The convicted is just to run from realities tight grip on your dreams within. Your just a fragile shell yet to shatter from the cracked lines you gathered over the years. In life comes death, but before death comes pain and through this pain you've hidden from the world you live inside. Though you feel you will always be locked in your shell and it seems as if you are drowning in your own tears. Never to be released from the thoughts and tears you hide. I've once tried to follow my dreams, but it only led me to the truth insted. I tried to deal with reality, but it casted my aside like I was of no matter. Now im cracked almost into insanity and these scars are being bled. No part of me is left to be dried up like I want me tears to be, because I am nothing but glass and from this I shatter. The walls I held up are no longer weak. The pain I hold is no longer keeping me from living from day to day. No words can harm me for whatever you speak. My life has maybe just started, but the ending is far from today.

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very nice, made me think