Unbreakable Desire

The unbreakable desire to love. It came to me when pushing comes to shuv. Break this feeling not in me. To continue on you shall see. Held a broken heart, but never my desire. Goals set lower for my love is set higher. Holding inside I have my love and care. Letting go when love near is felt for mine to share. Always taken back though for the one is not being found. Sometimes heard and other times I must raise the sound. Do you hear my heart as it beats fast near you? Do you feel vibration as you see lines from which it drew? Realize from every hurt my love is hightened more. Stitching it back from everytime its tore. Searching for the one to hold it together. Never to break my desire to love I'll always love you forever.

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Courtney's picture

hey you are a very good poem writer your poems are very sweet and it seems like you have experienced things in your poems because of how well you get into detail. You should take that up as a profession Clifton you could go somewhere with it. I hope my comment helps. Love ya. Love always, Courtney Leann Sorrells. xoxo