Glass Of Tears

It hurts to breath when your last breath is already gone. It hurts smile when the last one has been so long. It hurts to cry when all the tears don't stop for even the slightest sign of happiness. It hurts to think of you and everthing that has happened from this. Im filling up a glass of tears to show you how much I cried. Filling up one by one as it came from insde. In my life you never relized the pain I go through and how I fill up with emotion and then let it all loose. How I feel hurt from the inside out as my heart is just one big bruise. I try to hide the tear drops, but one or two slip away into view. Can't hide something from someone though that they already knew. Im tired of being hurt and I am tired of the pain. I filled up the glass with my tears and now it has no more to conatin. Im sorry I still love you I guess I was wrong. Take this glass of tears that I cried for you for so long. Drink it down until the last drop drips into your mouth so dry. Just remember you are the reason I cry.

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perception's picture

This poem is so beautiful. Very sad but sweet.