What Its Like To Be Cared For

When I look deep down into your beautiful eyes I reach into my memories and throw away the cries. I can remember not a time more when someone has made me feel so great or a time when I looked at your face and I couldnt concentrate. You are who makes my life so much better from just the smile on your face and when you hold my hand I know I could not find for me to be in a better place. I cannot take away the pain that you hurt from so, but to replace the pain with my love for the pain you would not have to know. No matter the distance that is put between us I will make a day to where it is much less. There for you should be no doubt in your heart, but when you think of me dont be afraid to cry when we are apart. If only I could show the whole world as to how much I shall love you then my fears would be no more, because I know the whole world will know what I feel about this girl is true and what this is what its like to be cared for.

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Nicole Esparza's picture

This girl has given you very beautiful inspiration...you take what you feel and make it into something very beautiful. That is...wow...that is some very good poetry...hehe. I like your work a lot. Keep it up.

-Nicole Esparza