Loving You

Theres are my tears for you. These are the tear drops falling one by one. These are my feelings I fear are true. These are the only things I would rather have than all the money in the world gaven to me by the most beautiful person. I could care less what the world thinks about you and me. They just may not understand. All I care about is you and what you see. Its like the sound of music being played by my band. I listen to the sound of your voice over and over and still I want to hear more. No one can stop me from loving you. My hear has hurt once before. I think you are the one and I pray to god that the thought is true. You can take all the love in the world and put it togather and its still not even half as much as I will love you in times to come. You will be the only one.

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Nicole Esparza's picture

Wow. You are an amazing poet. I love the way you use your words. Well done.

-Nicole Esparza