Lucifer's Lighthouse


Circumnavigational flame
Cuts you to the core
Spreading forth across the lake
Revealing ghosts of yore
Lightning ignited trapezoidal frame
Black Tower in the rain
Shows you places, people, things
Possessing your brain...

Five in number, across the seven seas
Mathemagic configuration
Daemonic geometry
All conjoined to form a structure
Infernal symmetry

A lonely figure on the peak
Dressed in etheric sight
Searching for a lost love taken
Centuries of tears forlorn...

From the sea across the channel
The Storm brings galleons filled with treasure
Ruins 'neath the shore
And vessels course 'neath Jolly Roger
Seeking gold with webbed sails torn

Cannons blast and muskets fire!
Live and died by spears and swords
All have joined with Davey Jones
Solemn graves beneath the waves
Life force taken, unforsaken
Ever remembered in this lore
Sail forever, never more...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the resonant sound of the deep foghorn, stirring the air with a malevolent summoning, a tower thrusts high into the sky, warning sailors of the jagged rocks at certain perimeters of Devil Lake. But along with this maritime function, those who have gazed into the light have sometimes spotted ghost ships traversing some of the harbors, and a lone lady up on Widow's peak, where some have met their fate; sometimes recounting impressions upon the atmosphere. But the lighthouse also holds a nefarious secret to its architecture...

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