D o j o

Satanic Serenades

Sunset upon a Shinto shrine

Red sun descends into the brine

Black Dragon stirs from endless time

Painted words, reverberations

A warriors shadow cast across a history sublime

The dojo still, susurrous echoes

Trickling stream upon a mountainside

The mountain on the rock

Bamboo chutes encircle, carry running life

The essence of Chi, surrounding, reflecting

Ascending gradation, prismic evolution

A candle flame flickers in the darkness of mind

Or the apple of the eye

Breath upon the black flame within, feeding passions desire

A steady beat, a rolling choir

Eye of The Beast, according to each

Opens to the eye within

Preparation, Meditation,

Awakening, release!

The dojo wakes, force unleashed

Gather strength and seat of wisdom

Array of warfare presentation

The scents and sounds of combat time

Ignites the  flesh and mind

Art of martial knowledge flow

Discipline, skill, & serpent strike!

Sensei speaks, Shidoshi teach

Code of Honor, integrity of might is right

Psychological, biological, mastery of will

Complimentary integration of the arts & styles

The Ninja holds the secrets to the wile and guile



神社に日没赤い太陽は塩水に降りる黒いドラゴンは無限の時間からかき混ぜる塗られた単語、残響崇高な歴史を渡る戦士の影の鋳造物 まだdojo、susurrousエコー山腹にしたたる流れ石の山タケシュートは連続した生命を囲んだり、運ぶキー、反映する包囲の本質上向きのグラデーション、prismic進化 蝋燭炎は心の暗闇で明滅するまたは目のりんご中黒い炎に呼吸は、情熱に与えてAを安定した音、圧延の聖歌隊望むそれぞれに従う獣の目、目に中開く準備、黙想、の解放覚醒! dojoは、自由にされる力目覚める知恵のギャザーの強さそして座席戦いの提示の配列戦闘の時間のにおいそして音肉および心を発火させる軍知識の流れの芸術訓練、技術、& 蛇の殴打! Senseiは、Shidoshi教える話す、力は正義の完全性社交儀礼、生物的心理、意志の支配芸術の&の無料の統合; 様式 Ninjaは策略および策略に秘密を保持する

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Sensei Ken Nagayama (Tae Kwon Do), Sensei Bill Ryusaki (Kenpo, Judo, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Kendo), & Shidoshi Frank Dux (Ninjutsu).

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