The Garden of Dark Delights

Satanic Serenades

Through gnarled canopies in forbidden shadows

Overgrown with tentacle vines

Like tangled manes in ecstasy's delight

Plunge the depths of your desires

Bathe in flames of kundalini's pyre

'Neath colored and gentle candle's light

Satyr, nymph, invocation

Succubus conflagration

Breast and thigh, flickering sight

Breathing in the incense flight

Breaking chains and reservations

Peering through a maze of stricture

Don the daemon wings of freedom

Shedding ignorant perfidy

As vestments falling to the floor

Dare you come to jar the door

Marvel with your secret eye

Hidden wonders lurk inside

Reflections of yourself divine

Of sinful joy, in rapture's flailing

Enlightenment's Embrace

The Garden of Dark Delights

whispers in your sleep...

Exorcise the angels of guilt

Haloes are nooses to the evolved

Imbibe sweet nectars flowing fresh

Exercise the joyful beast

In silken fields of lush indulgence

Enter parted gates of pleasure

An earthly heaven born of carnal splendor

The Garden of Dark Delights

calls to you...

Hear the trill of Pan's persuation

Dance the dance of life!

Come play in The fertile garden

Ripened fruit, ambrosia blushing

Waxen pulp on cleft ebbing

Twisting furl in moist awaiting

The thorn with serum's dew, pulsating

In erubescent effervescence

Cleave the blossom's efflorescence

Awash in Fount of Passion's bliss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Garden of Dark Delights welcomes those who wish to partake of The Devil's carnal ecstasies, without fear, guilt, or regret. Responsible indulgence is the key to unending pleasures respendent. The incubi and succubi have been summoned unto The Devil's Harem, rising from kundalini hell fire, as the black earth moves again with undulating flesh, 'neath the gaze of Baphomet's Lust.

The lushness of the earth, and her creatures, emerge ripened, in splendid ornamentation, for mutual enjoyment, as predator and prey take their roles in the cycle of life.

With the beauty of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and Autumn in the South, gratify the senses in manifold indulgence! Take that which tempts whenever you can, & sin well! Strength through Joy!

Shemhamforash! Hail SATAN!

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