Satanic Serenades


November, XLII Anno Satanas

Canine jaws and scraping claws

Fearsome is thy symmetry

Mighty muscled frame

Three in one, The Devil's Hound

Feral infernal trinity....

Howls from The Pit

Echoes at The Gate

There The Guardian awaits

Hellmouth eager to devour

Wildfire glistens in thine black eyes...

Through space and time

Where your form has dwelled

Haunting the minds of men

Chimeric apparition's dread

Legendary fear has fed

Black Shuck to manifest...

The Beast unleashed

Thy Master pleased

Cloak unfurled by devil winds

God & doG in darkness tread

Shadows in the mist...

Phantom visions, evocations

Mirthful in the night

Familiar fond, a demon's bond

A timeless Noctuary bliss

Beloved gargoyle of The Abyss...

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