The Frost

Satanic Serenades

Winter's shroud unfirled by dark wind's swirl

Banshee's wail with moan of gail

Life's breath, a ghostly mist

Rise from the fires of the hellmouth...


Wolfen howls from snowcapped peaks

Runs red from the beastial feast

Perked flesh blush in the cold

The flames of passion will unfold...


Skeleton trees, stalactice gleam

Belial's face, an abyss of steam

The white-veiled frosted dream

A painting yet to be seen...


A world lays still beneath the gaze

The timeless portraits in the haze

Secrets hidden in the maze

Reveal themselves by light of day

Yet in the earth some will stay

Arising forth, when they may...


The Frost returns with a breeze

Growing steady to a freeze

Hail, Satan, sleet, and snow

Parad-ice of Northern flow...


Ravens squawk upon the boughs

Speaking words of mental prose

Snowflakes frame their unique grace

Purifying Terra's face...

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