The Musical Garden

Satanic Serenades

The air is still as an incensed breeze blows gently from the West...

Moonlight cascades from graceful hills

Setting the land aglow with an eerie lucidity

A faint tone lingers and floats from the silence

And slowly the shadows from earth come alive

From flora and fauna come lissom expressions

Arising and stretching through soft-laden dew

Harmonious whispers, a velvety touch

Ascending and falling, the waves of a dream

A music exquisite, an orchestral stream

A placid sensation, a singular team

Vibrations felt deeply, straight to the core

A beautious vision, a dancing rapport

A distant voice echoes, joining in song

Mists of the evening, a spectral fog

Pulsating rhythms in passionate thrall

While phantomesque figure looms over them all

Increasing, decreasing, climbing the heights

Drifting on wings of black-feathered flight

Surrounded in opulent, elegant night

A starry reflection grants nocturnal sight

Melodious opus responding in kind

Reaching the darkest abyss of the mind

The tranquil reception reclines for a rest

Enfolding serenely into their beds

The eternal opus continues again

Until the next dusk when spiderwebs cloak

The Musical Garden will speak the next note

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by viewing an enthralling orchestra in the throes of a masterpiece, a recent excursion to an Arboretum, and enjoying the night at Satan's Hollow.

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