The Devil's Fog

Satanic Serenades

Creeping forth, possessing all

Aglow at night, transperent shade

Presence float, phantom shawl

What mysteries lurk within the crawl...

Looming form, mirrored face

Manifesting ghostly grace

Surrounded in the cool embrace

Enlivened skin, cause blood to race!

The Devil's Fog turns day to night

Brings the fun and fear and fright

Imagination, feel the flame

Burning black inside the brain...

Blotted lights, figures faint

A tapestry of haunted taint

Distant sounding of the waves

Demon horn brings forth the rain

Leviathan stirs at one entwined

The endless depths, the blackened eyes

Whirlpool spins and lightning strikes

The Gate is open, the clock strikes Nine!

The Devil's Fog, the tolling bell

Candles frame the door to Hell

The Shadow moves before the sign

The trident thrust up from the brine

Replenishing the dark sublime

The Devil's Fog returns to dine...

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