Nothing rhymes with "orange"?

Satanic Serenades

So it has been stated redundantly that there is supposedly nothing that rhymes with "orange"... but I disagree. Why, there is porridge, forage, floriage. Examples:

Would you like some porridge, which is the flavor of orange?

Or would you like to forage to search for an orange?

Look at the colorful floriage bright with the color of orange.

The key is in the inflection, not that the last couple of letters are identical. Rhyme it with your mouth yourself, and you will realize the truth of this realization, and therefore, let this myth finally be put to rest. As a matter of fact, when I hear these claims that nothing rhymes with orange, I only consider that the person making the claim has a limited vocabulary, and even imagination.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eliminating the orange myth.

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some other words are borage,shorage and storage lol...

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Just a quick suggestion: you have not put the myth to rest, because it is not a myth, it is a literary tradition or convention---and your words are not going to topple it, not one little bit. The convention states that, to rhyme, the rhyming syllables must contain the same vowel, followed by the same consonants, but the preceding consonant(s) must be different in some respect: town/gown/brown/frown. "Loud" would not fit the pattern. Orange/porridge, in your example, are not rhymes: a does not equal i; ange does not equal idge; only or/porr meet the standards of the convention. And calling it a convention is not pejorative, and should not be treated as such. It is an equally valid convention, in this country unfortunately, that even your poems can be posted despite their content; so convention, even if questionable, can be useful.


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