The Dragon Dances

Satanic Serenades

What bewitching creatures are these, which dwell beyond the glade?

'Cross ferns & groves, in cavernous lairs

Hidden from the eyes of common men?

They who romp in fields of full bloom

Under the enchanted eye of the full moon?

Whose breath of flame can scorch & mame, but also purify?

A creature of such awesome grace

From whence of shadow of God's Black Earth

Of Heav'n or Hell have you come?

By what Sorcery have you come to be?

One thing is certain, of this Dark Angel sublime

It has a soul & a heart, & a passion for life

These are dragons... bourne from you & from I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From the imagination does proceed archetypal reflections of dimensions of The Self - anthropomorphically and zoomorphically manifest.

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