Apostles gather seeking Wisdom

Studying arcane occult knowledge

Spells passed down from mystic prophets

Hooded robes, monks of Satan

Charms & Amulets, Infernal tools

Magic words employed to summon

Daemonic ancestors from Hell

Sacred symbols, secret language

Speak Our heritage, Enochian.........


Come forth, flames from barren land

Corpses rise at our command

Weave a spell with evil hand

Possessing Power few understand


Deep within the Dungeons

Hidden place below the graves

Schoolmaster, enlighten Us

Tell us what you know

Satan, the Illuminary

Feeding our Black Souls

Give Me strength in Mind & Body

As My heart grows cold.........


Uplift goblet, sacred elixer

Lucifer! Unholy Mentor

Baphomet shine in Black Candlelight

Hypnotic stare piercing the night


Stonehenge calls ancient forces

Invoke the Dragon from its Lair

Call The Beast from The Pit

Spread your wings, take to the air

Enchanted wand, throw the hexe

Upon Our foes, who perplex

Ride the zephyres, carry Our Hate

Destruction ensues

Thus, is your fate!


Children of Darkness work the craft

Thousands of years, no turning back

Cornu shatter all sanctity

Living in Shadow, enshrouding Me


Chanting in the Dark Church

Evil there abounds

Daemon-brothers flying

Verses so profound

The Devil rules forver

Come enjoy the Sin

The Gates of Hell are open

So come & enter in.........


Encompassing Dark Magic

In every shape & form

I look upon the Pentagram

The Flame Eternal bourne


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Rites of Darkness promise omnipotence to the adept - those that are willing to go beyond limits with the Power of the Imagination and the Force of Will unto materialization.

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