Nine Spiders

Satanic Serenades

I have nine spiders on the wall

Short and fat, thin and tall

Big and small, graceful all

Bearing The Devil's mark...

There they float above your head

Spin and crawl near the bed

Arachnoid world, rule to themselves

Ghostly shrouds, tapestries exquisite

Ornament the corners of the rooms...

Bridges spun from frame to frame

With a visit, bestow a name

And with a greet, a welcomed sight

From the shadows, Mammon's light

Sets the mind to wonder of the treasures which are to come...

A strategic plan

Again to feed upon fresh meat

Mummified corpses of previous feasts

Dance to the slightest breeze...

What a spectacle to behold

The flux of life and death

Beneath the stare of glistening black eyes

Beneath the crush of eight legs

Utter a last breath

Ebbing life sustains the beast...

Nine spiders decorate high above

Nine stars in the night sky

A pleasure to share My Lair

With creatures such as you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by viewing nine of these delightful fellows currently sharing the Lair.

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