Satanic Serenades

The fires burn bright in the dark of the night

Hell's Flames awakened on black candle's wick

And Baphomet, benevolent

Gazes down upon the rites

Incense curls and passion swirls...

Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Altar of Satan is prepared

With regal and Magic delight

The Western Gate doth dwell agape

Opened with the Key of the Mind

The oil of Zam-Zam is poured, aloft The Sword...

Upon Walpurgis Night.

Wishes brought forth

Alight unto Ether

The Blessing of Lucifer ascends

Winds doth blow and We know

The Presence of The Dark Force well...

Upon Walpurgis Night.

The Festival of Flesh

Kundalini's Dance

As life springs forth

From earthen crevasse to Daemon Seed

Echoes on the Nocturne Tide...

Upon Walpurgis Night.  

Secret deeds as devils leap

The infernal font of the mind

Diabolical manifestations

Conjured forth this Sabbath's Night

Gathered here, among us now...

As We proudly Hail Victory and Might!

...Upon this Walpurgis Night!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Upon this Walpurgisnacht Sabbath's Night, we keep the anniversary of the formation of The Church of Satan by Our Founder Anton Szandor LaVey, in mind, that night of nights, Year One Anno Satanas, revelling in this Nefarious Cabal, this infernal brainchild was born, issued forth from the fertile womb of both enchantment and reason in their perfect balances. We have grown, thrived, and continue to garner both influence and increasing Strength in this Age of Fire. My Our Wills enforced upon Evolution bear great fruition, and may our celebrations yield secret desires realized, as we feast and indulge in the pleasures of Satan's Black Earth with wisdom and delight! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

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