Devil Mother

Satanic Serenades

Loins aflame in Hellfire

Twisted transmutations

Rode The Beast upon The Black Earth

Supped the milk of Lust

To bring the abomination forth...

There the creature stirred

In the womb of blackest dark

Spawned in nightmarish thrall

Bane of mortals and blindlight...

Unto the fullness of her breast

Nectar-laden ecstasy flows into the cup

Eternal Mother of The Night

Infernal Gods expectant...

A Magic blessed night

Fires burned high 'neath the haloed moon

Chanting of the phantoms opens the Gates

The Horned One presides...

Demonic seed germinates

Upon The Sabbath dusk

A turn of Nine in timelessness

The chosen bride possessed...

In pangs of pain and bliss

The Pentagram wheel marks another enchanted pike

In the heart of frost and storm

Devil incarnate born...

Devil Mother, Daemon Madonna

We hail Thee this night

By thy grace, the pit of Hell

Thine cloak holds comfort to its own...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Birthday poem in Homage to My dear Mother.

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