Devilutions I: Carnal Metamorphosis

Satanic Serenades

Muscles expanding

Tearing at skin

Veins are the roots in tree trunks imbibing

Life force increasing, growing in strength

Stronger than strongest

From without and within!

Projection of Will


Sacrifice offered

In iron and might

Pride is exhaulted

Before My eyes

Lucifer risen from Satan within

The power euphoric

In beauty and sin!


Carnal divine

Daemon emerges

Devoid of time

Forbidden secrets

Beast comes alive

Dark Devilution

The Gates open wide!

Immortal preservation...

...Metamorphosis sublime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem inspired by the iron works, while molding the carnal temple to perfection. "Sacrifice" refers to energy expenditure utilized towards The-Is-To-Be.

(Infernal Alignment Level 1: Physical Superiority).

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