I have seen the face of death

Walking in the graveyard

On a starless, moonless night

Unending darkness alive

Evil in its wicked form

Seen in dreams when I was born

The invocations read aloud

By the Priest of Satan

Rings of cold fire flaming high

Pitchblack spell, no sunrise.........

Streaking mist across the cemetary

Howling winds wail throughout

Rotten flesh clings to bone

The living dead, righteous grown

Zombies drag their carcasses

Slowly falling apart

They chant in ancient rhyme

Black Sorcerer laughs with delight

Pendant of Necromancy, pulsating lumanescence

Morbid macabre horror

At the Demon's Hour.........

The NECROMANCER lifts up His arms

Lighted eyes, dim as Hades

Talking to the tombstones

The Necromancer smiles in assurance

Gravesoil rolls beneath the ground

Tablets fall at its sound

Magus Mortuorum inhales once again.........

Castle of Death casting shadows

Across the deadlands

Screams of tortured prisoners

Still heard within the walls

Restless souls cry in the night

Unaware that they are dead

Cold white skin decaying again

The graves call out their names.........

On the second floor

Manifestations of death

Contorted chainbound one

Speaks lament in every breath

Long black hair attached to the skull

Elongated skeletal monster

Grinning, lusting for your life

The only hope is the sunrise

Never to come for you

You shall die!

Before the first rooster crows

Regaining power by your death-throes

Darkness shall eat you alive.........

NECROMANCER, messenger of Death

Soothsayer, Artisan of foul Magic

Wizard Meledictus striking down the living

Dwelling in the Kingdom of Shades

NECROMANCER, King of the departed

Garments in black hiding his face

Revealed only to those who pass away

Beyond the mystery of the unknown.........

Standing atop of Widow's Hill

Necromanctic grimoire suspended in mid-air

Soothsayer quoting dark evil spell

Turns the page with his mind

Summon the tempest containing the Magic

Neccessary to complete the wicked deed

Uncomprehensible abominations

Echoing voices, speaking to heed

Bolts of electric blue light

Emminating from his fingertips

Eyes open wide in sheer deadly might

Clenching fists in perpetual might.........

Hear the thunder of his wrath

Magnified a thousand times

Deafening the angels of blindlight

Ebbing blood from the veins of the holy

Serpents flailing, spewing forth venom

Seeping into the bones of the corpses

Marching in glory from the gates of Tartarus

Pentegram embedded upon their foreheads

Unholy cross burns blasphemy

Scrawling the symbol of hex on every door

Fangs dig deep, absorbing life-force

Another soul for Satan's keeping.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fictional tale of the Necromancer bringing forth the essence of the shades to do his nefarious bidding.

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