Satanic Serenades

How you have escaped from the jaws of oblivion!

The gaping maw before you

You stared into the face of The Abyss

And lived to tell the tale through your existence

To him, you opened up the gate

Unto the labyrinthe below

Where still in shadows he lurks

Partaking in an endless feast

How feared thine own countenance

Dreaded by the populace

Spawned of nightmare's thrall

Bane of mortals, tooth and claw

Spectral image aglow at dusk

Your erubescent eyes

Filled with hunger and with life

Unexpected origin

Welcomed nonetheless

Evocation's symmetry

Memory's immortality

One of two, you stayed the course

Remained a vibrant rodent force

The other met a grisly fate

Intraspecies excarnate

Then came the garish curse

The blinding light of plight

An affliction upon life

So you left rather than suffer its misery

Into the cool of the black earth

Where thine flesh gives rebirth

Acrossed in pentagonal grace

Forever here shall you have a place

And in the recesses of my brain

And those who knew your precious presence

Even underneath the tree

The roots become a part of thee

At one with leaf and bark and branch

Begins again, the vital dance!

You lived your life in luxury

Yet remained a solitary soul

Pale as powder, soft as velvet

Ever loved, and ever cherished

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An ode & eulogy to a dear departed companion.

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