The Moon & I

Satanic Serenades

Aglow up high

A phantom's eye

Peering down upon the land

A faithful companion

The Lady rides

Through time & space she travels

A ghostly face haunts the night

Surveying mortal deeds unravelled

I pledge My earthly trek for Love

Beneath her bluish glow

My thoughts doth ascend above

Which only she seems to know

In black I walk, her faithful spawn

The shadows blend as one

Leviathan's tide swells inside

Black flames on the water

Reflecting deep within My eyes

Sets My soul to rise.........

When Western Gates doth dwell agape

The Black Dragon's breath cools the land

The glare, the stares, the mortals wane

And waxeth forth Our feign

When dreams afloat

And silence grows

Our kind come forth anew

With slivered eyes

And curling smiles

To greet the night & dew.........

Through where I've been

And where I'll go

This oracle sublime

The crystal ball set in the sky

Reveals the passage of all time

I lift up high My glass to thine

In honour to your mystery

I in thee, thee in I, resinating synnergy

Luna, Sin, & Hecate

Praised be The Dark Goddess of the Night!

Luciferic emminence

Embrace Belial's Might!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An Ode to The splenderous moon, who has been My constant companion, Luna Splenderosa, & all the imaginative musings she has inspired.

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