The Chow

Satanic Serenades

What manner of creature is this that romps across the lawn?

A black & fuzzy demon with glistening points for eyes?

A bear? A dog? A lion, perhaps?

A familiar face from aeons past

Guard thy temple, secure & fast

Gargoyle from the East.........

As I hold you in My hands as a pup so loving

I see the future long to last

Scruff & scurry across the grass.........

The tail that curls around My heart

The heavy frame solid as earth

The wavy fur conceals what mirth?

You'll grow so big

You'll grow so strong

Little one of canine throng.........

You came from mystic revelation

Splendid dark manifestation.........

I feel the flame burning inside

A soft erudescent light

An ancient face, a sacred sight

Souls begin to merge

I hear the kingdom's dirge

Dynasties, the drums explode

The flags wave in the breeze

The gong strikes deep

Now take your place

At the entrance of your grace.........

The painted words

The flowing robes

The wise & enigmatic proes

The sights, the sounds, the glory glows

Within your glimmer's eye.........

To those whose fortune brought you nigh

To them bestow a blissful high.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to a veritable Demon Hound. I received the impressions while caressing one such canine, who makes for a marvellous Cerberus & Gate Guardian.

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