Satanic Serenades

As winds doth blow with an intense furvour

So does the raging ocean within the soul

Swirling with an undescribable churn

Though not an unfamiliar call

But within the Lingam, knock the door

The I! doth seek to stay

But for one, the eternal made

The Lady sought to sway

Confusion in the stars above

Arise! The Eastern morning's day

Raining demons necromanced

The past returns to haunt

Slower, faster, maybe more

Hear it creek, the Western Door

With drums & trumps announce anew

And bestow the rule unto the few

An ancient slumber

A heartfelt lumber

Back to dimensions unknown known.........

From fruitful harvests & hungry minds

Alone, the tread in blackened wake

Those of the trees, foraging alike

With disdain is the evil eye

The girl embraced by what was

And what is yet to be

A darkened kiss unto the skull

The bliss of Love awaits Thee

Music echoes subconciousness

Floating in uncertainty

The Daemon spreads His mighty wings

To welcome savage civility

A turn, a turn, it burns! It burns!

Though warms the heart & soul

Comfort in the glowing embers

Black Flame lit again.........

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A perplexing piece of work which has served as a puzzle of sorts, detailing in an occult manner, some of the personal events which have occurred in aeons past, which remains a conundrum to the less attuned. It has served as a Magical Working in Itself, & remains a Doorway into the Aethers.

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Jessy Perkes's picture

Wow! This is one of the most compeling pieces I have ever read. You have more talent than most people. I can't wait to read more. Maybe if you have a moment, you should check out my page and tell me what you think.