my ode entitled 'angeling'



Angels are there to help
To guide away from personal hell
Ask and you shall receive
Angelic help in your reality


When you ask your arm to move
Your universe is your body too
We are all connected: As one
Within it, you choose your function


Walking through walls essential too
Find and uncover the real you
Then your universe simply explodes
But it’s real size you just wouldn’t know


This has been hidden from you
It simply empowers finding the truth
And this includes the angelic realms
Which is ready, willing and able to help


To reflect the true nature of you
This is the way it’s been designed to
If your dark, get it returned
Live the light, your fire will burn


Stoked with amazing peace and love
All sent from the divine above
The future is yours to shape
The angels, just an extra layer


Of help available to all
To lift your blues: Walking tall
Ask and you shall receive
In this multidimensional reality

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