an ode to my mum


I have come to a conclusion today
Which causes me much dismay
About the woman who birthed me
And her bad attitude endlessly
Always looking to pick holes
In anything she can don’t you know

I’m doing some painting and decorating
And she didn’t see the tape masking
The paint from tiles and stuff
She thought she was out of luck
So she had a bitch at me
It comes off everything anyway
The paint is water based

If I didn’t know any better I’d think
That her attitude really did STINK
And she wasn’t happy unless moaning
Forever the martyr; permanently groaning
She is the chalk to my cheese
I really can see why her attitude
drives away Some of her family

not that I judge anyone at all
I just comment about facts: Mental
Mums only happy when a martyr
She wouldn’t have heard of the Buddha
Who strived for an end to suffering
A lighter load this does bring
But she wants to be dragged down
And she wants a permanent frown

Her bad attitude won’t drive me away
She is not going to win that day
The parting will be more natural
Will leave her to her personal hell
I can’t be around such negativity
For too long else it will get me
She’s bemoaning lack of sleep
I have done my thing on her
Yet it’s her choice to keep

She has created every part of her
The cook, washer woman: Martyr
And she is too old to change now
Hard wired till her final bow
She won’t let anyone do anything
This attitude only leads to suffering
This is exactly what she wants
Its absolute madness: the lot

I reiterate its dads final year now
Before he takes his final bow
will spend as much time as I can stand
at Dinas Road, this is where I am
they need more permanent care here
but mum won’t let anyone near
being the martyr till the end
no need for suffering the Buddha said

I believe him more than my own mum
Who thrives in her world of glum
She really is welcome to it
I have only one word for it: shit
Hard wired and she aint changing for
Anyone you all know the score

And mum likes quality in her life
Yet life aint complete without strife
Watching TV poison for her mind too
Just been under chemical attack too
Hairspray kills bugs and flies
Imagine what it does to your insides
She is worse to my chalk and cheese
She is in the neighboring galaxy

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