my ode to 2013

current affairs

Happy new year one and all
And really do have a ball
Expansion; name of the game
And negativity is so lame
Stops you vibrating high
The limit is not the sky
This is only the beginning
Helped when your grinning
Blissful between your ears
Makes for happier years
One thing it really helps
Growth of your magnetic x

The Mayans knew the truth
An expansive time for you
Age of Aquarius just started
You and negativity to be parted
Will enable you to break free
And this system to see
And to take evasive action
To provide ultimate satisfaction
Dark from way out west
Peace and love to behest
The dark cannot stand the light
So be a beacon and shine bright

Don’t let anything get to you
And don’t be afraid of the truth
2013 it will appear much more
You will feel it to the core
higher vibration you must strive
it makes you feel so alive
think of where you go too
lower vibrations will effect you
and the company you keep
and whether you choose peace
all the best for 2013 this day
is the only thing left to say

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