My ode entitled Energy Amazing

Energy Amazing

And they all connect to: Heaven
Mother earth energy: Amazing
Enhanced at: Sacred Places
Leylines follow: Many direct ions

Here in the land of Angels
Throughout the world too
Mother earth energy: For you
Everywhere your likely to be
In this amazing reality

Even your sixth density
Higher self appreciates energy
And guides you where
You really must be
Faith required definitely

But one thing, earth energy
Must be at one with: Definitely
And another key word: Harmony
Harmony with nature too
Harmony IS the real you

So next time you eat some food
Or buy a product or two
One question to be asked of you
Any elements of fair trade at all?
If not, don't worry, have a ball

And Inject the harmony: Yourself
Bless everything you use
And everywhere you go
And mother earths appreciation
And energy is sure to follow

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Loved this. Great to read

Loved this. Great to read this following my meditation.

Copyright © morningglory

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why thank you

thanks for your coment.

i shall post my ode to meditation in a short while.

much love

daz xxx

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Just read that. Thanks!! I do

Just read that. Thanks!! I do love meditation!

Copyright © morningglory