my ode to sigur ros about glastonbury



Greetings Sigur Ros how do?

Had to write a poem to you

announced your playing Glastonbury

made me real happy

I kind of take some credit too

I wrote a poem to Michael at christmas

about you


I saw you at besival on the isle wight

thought you were more than alright

a sea of emotion and tears

and hugging randoms stood near

shame you didnt play so late

to show of your light show

did u hate?


Just thought I better warn you now

unless you play last; final bow

your going to play in the light

summer solstice so bright

till ten thirty pm

really dont worry about it

pure heaven.


Try and stay for a day or two

in the middle of a tour too

got so much going for it

this festivals far from shite

would love to write some rhyme

to introduce your amazing

good times


been working for years on site

the management know i'm alright

best line up I have seen for years

and your indeed music to the ears

if you stay please say hello

before your unique blend of

classical gusto


and big love from me


Daz the druid aka Ziggy

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Kornelia's picture

Great ode

A great ode to a magnificent band with a unique sound and heart

Love Jonsi, to me he is not from this world, something between an elf and a fairy



DaztheDruid's picture

why thankyou Kornelia

thank you for your kind words, and what an amazing name you have Kornelia.


i can see in your work why you like them


and are you on facebook or twitter?


Much love from Wales