Kiss Me.

He lays me down

We lock eyes.

Two young animals

Seeking a prize.

Exploring hands

Tentative lips

Swirling tongues

And gyrating hips.

I arch upwards

As he groans.

Then his teeth find my neck

And it is I who moans.

He thrusts fast

And we both rise

Arms holding one another

But reaching the skies.

Nipples here

Lips right there... right there

We're getting loud

Don't even care.

Arching and grinding

Both in utter devotion.

Trying to comprehend

What has set this in motion.

His lips like scalding waters

But strangely cooling

Reach something primal

And leave me drooling.

We're soaking in each other

A sensual mop.

And I know he didn't plan to

When I whispered "don't stop."

And then I'm awakened by my boyfriend

From my non-reality.

And I hope I truly am awake then

As I beg him to kiss me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nooooo I dont have sex but it was an off the cuff rebuff of sorts. :)

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Yeah well, still, it sounds

Yeah well, still, it sounds fun, doesn't it? 

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It does. But i can wait to

It does. But i can wait to experience it 

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I'm sure you will one day.

I'm sure you will one day. Just don't give it up to the wrong one. Be discerning, each will leave their mark and be a part of you forever. 


Did you draw your profile pic?

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Unfortunately i didn't but I

Unfortunately i didn't but I have drawings like it. 

I just loved the draqing immensely and took a picture of it