Crocodile Tears

Pain and Heartache

I watch them smile together,

and laugh at some inside joke.

It's sickening to look at,

it makes me want to gag or choke.

But I must pretend to like her,

this "best friend" of my love.

With her black as raven wings hair

and skin pale like the wings of a dove.

She's a beauty to behold,

something I wish I could deny.

She always finds a way to touch him,

and gives me looks warning me to say "Goodbye.'

I hate her so much!

That trifiling, horrible, man stealing wench!

Gving him bedroom eyes all day,

making my stomach rebel and clench.

What I wouldn't give for him to see,

that SHE is the evil one sabatoging ME.

But alas, he is blinded by knowning her to long,

and slowly believing her as she says they are meant to be.

I know I should be fighting back,

and trying to make sure that my love stays mine.

But she's taking over his heart too fast,

and I am quickly falling behind.

I tell him to reassure me,

that he doesn't look at her that way.

He replies "Why does it even matter?

I come home to you at the end of the day."

That is where he really messed up,

You never say that unless she's getting to you.

And everyday I keep trying to deny it,

and just hope that it isn't true.

They hung out more and more,

and I was there less and less.

I pretended it didn't bother me,

I put forth my very best.

Until he started returning her touches,

and lingering longer when they'd hug.

I was so angry, deflated, and pissed off.

I wanted to squash her like a bug!!!!

I stayed calm and clung to his arm,

showing that this guy only belonged to me.

Until I made a gigantic mistake,

and showed up late the the party.

She lied and told him that I hit her,

because she loved him all these years.

Imagine my surprise when he said it back,

and kissed the bitch through her Crocodile tears.

I gasped aloud and watched real tears fall,

as he slowly turned to meet my eyes.

But I stared into the face of his little "friend"

This girl I'd come to despise.

I screamed in her face,

"You better tell him what's real.

Don't twist the truth to turn him against me

and feel the way that you feel."

He grabbed my attention and said it didn't matter,

"He loved her, not me. Please don't be mad."

I realize now that I shouldn't be.

Because I was the best he ever had.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its a bitter poem. Depicting how I felt when aguy broke my heart in front of me by going for his best friend. So yeah a rare look inside of my psyche.

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You are so wise for your age.

You are so wise for your age. It took me into my 40s to realize all the hurt from any relationship gets down to only one thing, and that is my own ego. There is a reason for every relationship we have ever had as well as those we have and those we will have in the future. To have the ability to see that at your age is a powerful gift that comes with responsibility and is at times, as much a burden as it is a gift. Treasure it. Very well written, soul bearing piece. ~respect~

...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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My mother often says that I

My mother often says that I was born with an old soul. Which is why I guess I understand more than I should at my age. But thank you very much! I always look forward to reading your and anyone else's commments on my works.