The Super Bowl Day Off

A group of friends were sitting on a lunch table during a break. “Hey do you guys have any plans for Sunday?” asked David, “Sunday?” replied Héctor, “I have class at 7:30 am on Mondays, I don’t go out on Sundays, I don´t think anyone does”, “We don´t have classes on Monday, it’s the Super Bowl day off, we should watch the game at my house” Luis said, “That sounds good but only you and Fer enjoy watching football” David replied, “We can also play beer pong and Hector and Fer can show us what they have learned from their boxing classes” said Rafa, “Sounds like we are going to watch two matches on Sunday” David said, “It would be better if I fight David and Fer fights Rafa before we fight each other” Héctor said, “Alright but go easy on us, we have never boxed before” Rafa said, “We won´t hurt you” Fer said.

Sunday came in and everyone was at Luis’s house, they went to get some beers and returned just in time to watch the beginning of the Super Bowl. By halftime they were already playing beer pong except Luis and Fer, they were in front of the TV talking about the game. “Now it´s time for some boxing” Luis said, “I’ll go first against David” Héctor replied. They put on their gloves and started the fight, it was a close one until Héctor gave David a punch to the liver and David gave up, he had drunk 4 beers before the fight and knew that the pain was going to be worse the morning after. “We´re next”, Fer said to Rafa. Fer was going all out on Rafa, Rafa just covered his head until he gave up as he saw that he couldn´t do anything. Now it was time for the big fight, Hector vs Fer, both looked very confident but drunk as well. The fight started and they interchanged punches with a few insults, the fight went on for a while with no clear winner, Fer got frustrated and started going all out on Héctor just like he did with Rafa, Héctor cornered himself and slipped with a cup that was on the floor and fell through the window, lucky for him they were at the basement and he landed on the backyard. Suddenly everything was quiet, the music and the sound from the TV stopped and everyone checked if he was ok, He said he was fine and as he tried to get up blood started to come out, he realized he had pieces of glass stuck in his torso, Luis was shocked and worried about what his parents were going to tell him. His parents were upstairs and they came down as soon as they heard the noise to see what happened, the window looked like it was taken from a horror movie. The parents called an ambulance while the others helped Héctor to lay on the couch, he looked pale. The ambulance shortly arrived and the medic cut off Héctor´s shirt so that he could get a better look at his wounds, Héctor suffered the most during that moment.


The medics got Héctor on the ambulance and Luis´s parents went with him, Luis and his friends stayed at the house since there wasn´t room for them, they were still shocked. Everyone went to their houses and visited Héctor at the hospital the next day. They bought him a shirt similar to the one he wore the day before. When they arrived Héctor was watching Spy Kids 3, that was the least worst thing that was on TV. His parents were also in the room, they were in Saltillo when they heard about the accident and had to cancel their vacation to stay with him at the hospital. “Hey, since you are here you don’t have to worry about your exams, not for now”, David said, “I’d prefer to have 3 exams at the same day than being in here doing nothing and watching Spy Kids 3, that is the worst Spy Kids movie, everyone knows it” Héctor replied, “Well at least we are here to watch it with you” David said. (699 words)

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