I see the soul inside your eyes

it's like a walk in paradise

when you open up your eyes

you look at me

you free my mind

you take my soul away

you make me wanna stay



When I wake in the morning light

I see the starlight in your eyes

as you're staring back at me

you make me breathe

and it feels like the first time



Want you to remember me

and the way you set me free

from the mind games inside

you set me free

to live my life



This is my Awakening

it's my time to rise

it's my time to shine

so bright

forever in the light

never turn to darkness

never fade into the night

this is my Awakening



I can't live in the past no more

I gotta let it be gone

that's for sure

gotta let it die

'cause that's not me anymore

I've found my way

up off the floor

and I'm out the door





If I die

before I wake

God please let me see

your amazing grace

I love her

and I will forever more


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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