Fire In My Eyes


Do you believe in love

and where it all came from

the Heaven above

do you feel that beat in your soul

that's your heart taking hold

can you feel the love

that's pumping through your vains

driving you insane 

the moment you hear my name



Can you feel the love inside

can you feel my heart

open wide

just for you

just for you



Just take a look into my eyes

there you will see my soul

where my heart goes to hide

it holds me in place

when you look into my face

and see the 

Fire In My Eyes



Do you believe in tragedy

or is it just fate

bringing together

the broken hearted

like me and you

in this human zoo

do you believe mistakes

were made to be fixed along the way


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



We will see another day

you and me

hand in hand

walking through

the far off land

taking reality and fantasy

and turning it into one





And at the end of the day

we should thanks

we should give praise

to the one

who makes this all possible

to the one

for His saving loving grace


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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