A Virtuous Woman

I've found another wonder of the world in a woman,

A woman with a heart worth more than all the gold in the world,

By any means I would find my way into her comfortable embrace,

Carrying within her, power from on high given by God Himself,

Doubtless of whom she serves and loves with all her heart,

Even in thought and in action and she makes her way by His order,

Full of love to no end,

Good in will and heart, she will do me no harm,

Holding forth truth, she speaks lovingly to me,

In the night even until morning hours she labours for her family,

Joyful, she can make all of the world smile,

Keeping my heart safe, she loves me with all of her,

Love to her is defined, taught, and known to the point of action,

Mightily, God works in her to do of his good pleasure,

Not working in any destructive manner,

Only in ways taught true and righteous by His word,

Powerful and a strong support for the people she loves,

Quiet in speech but loud in purpose and word,

Rejoicing in all things good, she is happy for all good news,

Strength and honour are her clothing,

Towering above the adversary, God has protected her,

Unshaken by the roar she has peace in His warm loving embrace,

Vibrant and beautiful, she could stop traffic if she pleases,

Wide eyed, she vigilantly watches over those she loves,

XX by nature, she is absolutely sexy, she IS a woman,

Youthful and fervent in spirit the way God intended,

The Zenith of what a woman should be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired and with a small excerpt from Proverbs 31. Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies... This is written in a similar format. In original text it was alphabetical, not only emphatic but poetic too. This is nowhere near as good as the original though heh.

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