The Story Of Superguy

From birth he never fit in,

An odd duck shunned from flock,

In battles of wit he'd never win,

In fist fights he was knocked down and out,

And out of it all he looked for the good,

Because in our heart we all have some of it,

And through it all he withstood,

'Till superpowers were bestowed upon him,

He didn't know how, he didn't know when,

All he knew was now he was accepted as a hero,

And as he began to get used to it, just then,

He met a fair damsel who found him to be see-through,

And she loved him,

Birds of a feather stuck together,

Super-something's flew together,

But not forever,

Like a bullet she shot through his heart,

He let her in and she shot right out,

The wound tore the world apart,

With a swift blow, she won the bout,

What happened to the good after all the pain?

What happened to the love in what little good was left?

Through the shower of tears, he fell in the rain,

And shortly before impact he thought it was his end,

Only to wake eons later...

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