Long Distance Love


I'm dragging out my lonesome days,

Flirting with all the attractive women I don't want,

Because what's so good about just looking,

When saying hi with a smile,

Lets me see another thing that reminds me of you,

(And some how you're closer to me)

Your modest smile, almost nonchalant,

Like you didn't know I was in love with you,

Even when I say it twice in one sentence,

Tell me, are you like every other woman,

Or is every woman only an incomplete version of you?

I thought about you today, one hundred and forty four times,

(Every five minutes or less, more or less)

I saw less than a dozen pretty women,

And I know now none of them could be better than you.

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im enjoying reading your works in this folder. I like the name as it is also mine. And this poem written two years ago, two days before my birthday. Anyway I like the poem... It's sweet.