Say 'See You Later'

Goodbye songs are undertones in the sounds of a departure,

Our car always did have a special hum,

Goodbye family, good bye life-long friends,

Everything I know will soon be in the rear-view,

I will miss so much,

And forget nothing,

I hope someone remembers how I made them smile,

Say "See you later" and not goodbye,

If I ever see you again, I will call you friend,

Switching gears we hit the highways,

Like my life,

Things are gonna be different,

But I look forward to dreams come true,

The songs now blast in ear,

It hurts and I try to hide tears,

The sadness wieghs my heart,

This doesn't seem like an end,

Yet something ended at least for now,

As I look through windows back at my first home,

I don't know what to say...

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Heather J's picture

Its really good....thanks for the comment on my poem.