Super-Guy Might Be Back


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I Can't Get This 'S' Straight,

Super-guy almost died,

He was cleverly seduced and tricked,

By the terrible and infamous supergirl impostor,

We watched in terror as the H-Bomb went off,

The west coast would never be the same...

One year later,

We find super-guy finally waking up,

Super-suit tattered and torn,

The 's' sure isn't straight this episode...

Who was the real feminine hero?

As he lay in a bed he realized it couldn't be his own,

Too soft and warm,

Suddenly a figure appeared through the door way,

The one who saved him from certain death,

But was she the real supergirl?...

To Be Continued.

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Jd McKellar's picture

I like this poem. it kind of puts a spin on the whole super-man and super girl heros. You should continue with this idea.