Under The Influence


I dunno if it's this stuff or what,

But I think... I think I love you,

NO, no really,

I don't know what it is but you're so nice,

Just like that lady I met on the street,

Ya know?

Like we're here, and I'm here, and you're here,

And it's so fun,

I've never laughed like this since...

Since yesterday,

And I've never felt like this since...

Since yesterday,

But we should definitely do something about this,

Maybe I'm wasted or maybe I'm under the influence,

But lets get together and make babies, baby.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've just associated the average fool thinking they're in love after a few good times with being drunk or under the influence. Perhaps it's precisely that, an influence or maybe this poem sux... good try me.

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Min's picture

hey, i really like this poem, it really connects with the idea behind it in such a way that i can imagine the scene in my head. its impressive the way that you can portray this attitude with so few words... and the poem also makes me laugh! keep writing. Min :)